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What does it mean to be an official development partner of the AUTOSAR Consortium?

Development partners are actively involved in the further development of the AUTOSAR standard. This means having the opportunity to help shape the standard, gain insights into the current requirements, and have access to the specifications as early as the development phase.

Can you help us even if we are not yet working with the AUTOSAR standard?

Thanks to our many years of experience in the AUTOSAR Consortium, we can help you understand how the Consortium works, introduce requirements to the Consortium for you, and advise you on how existing use cases can be implemented with the AUTOSAR standard.

We do not have our own software department. Can we hand over the entire development process to you?

We would be happy to work with you on analyzing your software requirements and developing a project plan. We can also gladly take on the entire implementation process.

Do you develop software exclusively according to the AUTOSAR Classic Standard or also according to the AUTOSAR Adaptive Standard?

We would be happy to work with you on analyzing your software requirements and developing a project plan. We can also gladly take on the entire implementation process – both for the Classic Platform as well as the Adaptive Platform.

We regularly receive inquiries from OEMs about AUTOSAR-compliant development. Can you also offer help in preparing quotations?

Thanks to our longstanding experience from series projects, we are able to prepare a realistic and competitive quotation, discuss the project risks with you and take these into account when preparing the quotation.

What is the biggest benefit for us if you support us with a project?

As we have been actively involved in the development process since the very first AUTOSAR version, and as we are also responsible for some AUTOSAR specifications and have written these ourselves, we know the range of functions and the software architecture very well. In addition, we know the needs and use cases of OEMs and also the typical pitfalls in the development of production ECUs.

We currently have an AUTOSAR project that is not really progressing. Can you also get involved in ongoing projects at short notice and help to ensure that all parties cooperate optimally again?

In such cases, we act as a neutral partner between the parties, analyze the critical factors and prioritize the issues in order to get the project back on track within a short space of time.

Often the specifications of the manufacturers are somewhat difficult to understand. Do you have experience here, and can you help us to interpret these specifications and translate them into concrete requirements?

The combination of production ECU support and requirements engineering in the AUTOSAR Consortium enables us to correctly interpret requirements from the AUTOSAR world and the OEM world, so that we can bring them together to form a coherent whole.

We do not have much know-how in AUTOSAR matters. Is it possible to hand over an upcoming AUTOSAR project to you completely and from the start?

We would be happy to work on a project in its entirety – from the quotation and planning phases to project implementation, software development and integration. And, of course, we can also take on only certain parts of the project if you wish.

Does the AUTOSAR Competence Center also offer career prospects?

The activities of the AUTOSAR Competence Center cover the entire v-model: from specification, conception and integration to test and validation. Consulting plays an important role in this process. With this broad spectrum of activities, we can offer you attractive opportunities for professional development in a wide variety of areas.

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